BREAKING: The Truth Behind Tina Fey’s Facial Scar! (ohandtheu.s.isofficiallyinarecession)

tn2_tina_fey_3I was thrilled out of my mind yesterday when everywhere on the Internet was the explosive breaking news on how Tina Fey got that scar on her face. I was like, OH WOW, my prayers have been answered–NOW I know, thank you!!

Ok, not really. Honestly, WHHOOOO CAAARRESSSSSSSS? But since it seems that some people do care, and would rather read about that than the other news that broke yesterday–that the U.S. is officially in a recession–thought I’d do a brief (as in 3) round-up on what other celebs have visible/known/it might just be a rumor scars…

Harrison Ford/chin scar (duh)

Catherine Zeta Jones/neck-tracheotomy scar (allegedly)

Bruce Willis/various scars (that apparently he likes to bring up in interviews)



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    S Kay Ray said,

    IThis is the sexiest man! Fine actor – Entertaining – Interesting!!!

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