C’mon! Barry Manilow over Paris Hilton? Just what kind of judge are you, Judge Sacco??

barry_manilowListen, before I get too far into this post I want to share with you that I happen to like Barry Manilow, and can’t resist singing along to some of his internationally-known hits when I’m in that Lite FM kind of mood.  There, the cat’s out of the bag, let’s continue…

It was reported this week that a clever judge in the great state of Colorado “sentenced” some noise violators to listening to an entire hour of Barry Manilow songs.  I see that he was going for cliche, and he did quite nicely, but seriously, there are way worse/more-painful-to-listen-to “musical artists” out there than Manilow.  Paris Hilton comes to mind, so does: Michael Bolton, Color Me Badd, Crash Test Dummies and Blind Melon, just to name a select few.

I will give Judge Sacco some credit, though, as he lists Barney as one of his punishment options….but I still think Paris is worse.   And a heck of a lot more annoying.  You be the judge…



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