Bartending: unofficially/officially the second oldest profession?

cruiseIt’s pretty much widely understood that prostitution is the oldest profession–in the world–because it has always existed and pertains to the most popular commodity ever.  Well, that’s how I see it anyway. 

With this erotic, er, I mean erratic economy, listicles have been flying all over the place, with “The Safest Jobs,” “The Most Flexible Jobs,” “Jobs You Don’t Have to Get a College Degree For,” “Jobs that make $100,000,” and so on.  And one job option that keeps popping up is bartending.   It really kind of does fit all the criteria for a sagging economy: people drink more when they are depressed (allegedly), you can pick it up pretty quickly, it can be temporary, and depending on where you work/how good you are the money/perks can be lucrative.

Anyway, the media has covered it a bit…below are some links…and it has me wondering if it’s just an interesting trend, or perhaps, there is a bit of a conspiracy “brewing” here…as always I post, you decide:

When all else fails there’s bartending–NY Daily News

Bartender schools fill up in tough economic times–The News Press, Florida

Wall Street’s jobless flocking to bartending jobs–Boston Globe


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