Fun Fact Friday…

cat-hat-stamp1I know most of you kids probably never go to the Post Office.  Instead, you are savvy and do everything via the Internet. 


But for me, my line of work, and my obsession with standing in long lines, I find myself there quite often.  Which is why I particularly enjoyed this little tidbit that ran in the December ’08 issue of Harper’s Magazine, in the “Harper’s Index” section (a monthly list of random but interesting statistics):

“Number of U.S. postage stamps printed in June whose packaging mistakenly listed a phone-sex number: 4 million.  Telephone number that was printed in place of 1-800-STAMP-24 (the number for reordering): 1-800-TRAMP-24

Hahahaha, that’s so great…ok, on that note, have a great weekend everybody!


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