Who knew Madonna was so…demanding & obsessive?!

madonnaThere was a time when I would have given anything to be adopted by Madonna.  I thought she was as cool as cool could get.  However…upon hearing recent reports of how much she deprives her kids of the good stuff I’m glad I didn’t hitch-hike to NYC at the age of 11 and try to find her/convince her to take me in.  I would have starved to death—in more ways than one.  

Yesterday, Britain’s Daily Mail (so take this with a grain of salt), reported that Guy Ritchie’s recent reunion with sons Rocco and David came with strict stipulations


YIKES! Obsess much, Mama Madonna??  I know this is probably a rough time for everyone involved, but c’mon!  For someone who was all about breaking the rules, rebelling and doing her own thing she’s become quite hypocritical, don’t ya think?  Well, she obviously doesn’t scare Guy too much, because he broke the “no photographs” rule when he greeted the boys at the airport:


Anyway, Madonna, if you happen to read this, as I know you check THE BLOG hourly, I’m sorry, I still love your music, but no matter how much you beg, I will simply not allow you to adopt me now…I have tasted Kabbalah water and let’s just say it’s no Poland Spring.


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