How to cope with those pre-election jitters

I know I speak for most of you when I say I’m kind of freaking out about tomorrow…it’s gonna be a big day, no matter what happens. And although we don’t usually go political here at THE BLOG, we are all about being service-y.  So, I thought I should suggest one way to get through the night-before anxieties: watch wacky/mindless television!! YAY! I came up with a brief list of such shows currently available on that will get your mind off tomorrow’s election–all the frightening media coverage, analysis, relentless campaigning and sugary bribes that have been promised to us if we vote–for at least a few hours.

The Adventures of Danny & the Dingo

Battle Dome

Fantasy Island

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show


She Spies

Temptation Island

The World of Stupid

Ok…I’m pretty sure that by the time you get through the list you will feel like you haven’t been thinking for hours.  In fact, you may have fallen into a deep slumber.  And when you come back from your comatose state you will feel refreshed, like you just went to a spa, or did some yoga, without ever leaving your couch or using an actual muscle.  And then come Tuesday AM you will be anxiety-free and ready to VOTE! 

You are welcome!


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