Why couldn’t it have been another actor? You know, one that doesn’t know how to…act

Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage,  Dane Cook or Josh Hartnett–all terrible actors I’d love to see “retire” from acting.  Instead, Joaquin Phoenix, a true talent (and very easy on the eyes), announced that he is officially calling it quits to pursue a singing career.  Initially I wondered if this was just one of those “I’m going with the moment…I’ve had some cocktails, everyone’s feeling inspired (he was at a benefit for Paul Newman’s camp for kids when he let the cat out of the bag), so guess what folks, I’m outta here.”  Then I thought about it for another minute and-a-half and figured, no, he seems like a pretty intense serious dude, I think he probably means it.  Which makes me kind of sad, because he’s one of the good ones, an actor I actually enjoy watching, no matter the role/genre. 

Well, good luck Joaquin…and if your first album sells, would you mind forming a band?  Y’know, take some more kids with you…like Keanu, and Dane?  PLEASE?!?!  Anyway, I figured it’s only appropriate to include a clip of  Joaquin singing.  Here he is in a duet with Reese Witherspoon from Walk the Line


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