Allegedly, a “Bull Durham” sequel is in the works… a little late to the party, don’t ‘ya think?

The romantic baseball comedy, Bull Durham premiered in movie theaters in 1988, which based on my quick finger-counting calculation was 20 years ago.  Translated into “movie years,” that might as well have been 200 years ago.

Well, now Page Six is reporting that the stars from the film–Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are all on board to return, and the early plot leak reveals that Sarandon and Robbins’ characters are now married and own a Major League team that Costner manages.

Aside from the sequel sounding incredibly boring, there really should be a statue of limitations on how long producers/filmmakers can wait to revitalize certain characters.

Case in point: Harrison Ford and Karen Allen barely pulled it off for the fourth Indiana Jones (19 years since the last installment, 27 years since the two paired together in the franchise) and that was due to the distraction of CGI and special effects (and Shia LaBeouf’s horrendous acting performance).  Unless the Bull Durham sequel takes place in space (hmmm, NOW that sounds a bit more interesting) or something equally special-effects worthy, I think we can assume no such tricks will take place.  Instead, we will be faced with an expired sequel that should really have happened during the last decade (if at all…some classics shouldn’t be messed with, but that’s a whole other tangent).


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