WONDER what Kevin Arnold has been doing the last few YEARS?

Kev, then and now

Kev, then and now

I am happy to report that Fred Savage, the former child actor and star of everybody’s favorite, “The Wonder Years,” has thankfully not turned into a cliche.  Instead, he’s wisely decided that his baby face belongs behind the camera.

Turns out he has directed numerous TV shows over the last couple of years, you can check them out on his IMDB bio.  But I’ll save you the time and tell you what the most notable show on his resume is:  “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” That’s right: FX’s brilliant and highly inappropriate series that has picked up a huge following and tickled a few of the hip TV critics that actually exist.  Before you know it Kev Arnold is going to own a studio or run NBC or something.

Anyway, if there is only one thing you do, that I tell you to do—today—please go to Hulu.com to catch all of the seasons (if you haven’t already), but in the meantime I’ll leave you with a clip montage of Season 4, which just kicked off last week:


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