Ok, so they don’t have the same eye color…or nose, but other than that they could almost practically be fraternal twins

Last night I was watching Hulu (what else is new?), and I checked out that new J.J. Abrams show, “Fringe.”  Eh, not so great, especially if you are an obsessed and devoted Lostie, like myself.  Anyway, I’m watching  Joshua Jackson (formerly of “Dawson’s Creek,” and possibly one of the only last people to see Katie Holmes before she became a Stepford), he’s one of the stars of the series, and every time he scowled and brooded—like this:

I kept thinking, “Man, who the heck does he remind me of??” 

And then it hit me like a stack of stethoscopes:

See it?  See IT??  Oh yeah!  Pacey is totally channeling his inner-Clooney.  Maybe he’s hoping he’ll get to be in Ocean’s 17 or get an invite to Clooney’s Italian villa.  Anyway, thought I’d share…oh, and I’m not going to bother posting a clip from Fringe because it really isn’t worth scaring anyone away from this blog.  However, I am going to throw up the trailer (the restricted/red one!) from Clooney’s new movie because I secretly want to marry him (sorry SMA, nothing personal).


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