“Kath & Kim”…bringing GlamourBack

Since NBC’s ad/marketing department ambushed this morning’s NY Times, I guess I should finally address one of the network’s highly anticipated premieres, “Kath & Kim.”  Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of the original Aussie “Kath & Kim” series that first aired in the states on the (now non-existant) Trio network, and then Sundance Channel.  The show portrays a highly dysfunctional mother (Kath) and daughter (Kim), both painfully whiny and at times equally clueless.  

Based on the minimal clips I’ve watched, Selma Blair and Molly Shannon seem adequte enough to pull off the duo…but holy cow those clothes!  They are the REAL stars of the show!  NBC obviously made wardrobe a top priority…


The original show had ridiculous ensembles as well, but definitely way more low-budge.  Like someone’s mom cleaned out her closet…

Anyway, here is a preview of the new series, premiering October 9 @ 8:30 PM, followed by a montage that someone else kindly put together of the original show–for old-times sake (some moments might be NSFW, especially if you work somewhere really boring and conservative)…


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