Please let Seth Rogen be a better muse for Kevin Smith than Ben Affleck ever was

 This weekend, I finally caught up to 1997 and watched Chasing Amy.  One of fanboy director Kevin Smith’s earlier works, with Ben Affleck, Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams (JLA), and let’s just say it hasn’t aged so well.  It was painful.  Dialogue: strained and unconvincing.  Acting performances: hmmm…I’m going to go with strained and unconvincing.  And to add to the misery, every time JLA was on the screen I was like, “She must be so pissed that her look-a-like, Renee Zellweger, got all the high-paying award-winning parts (Chicago, Cold Mountain) while she appeared in Bunny Whipped and The Big Empty.


Anyway, the last Affleck movie Kevin Smith directed was Jersey Girl.  After bombing with critics and movie-goers, and being a part of the “Benifer” legacy, Kevin Smith obviously wised up a bit and decided to take his filmmaking in a charming new direction (drumroll, please) with: Zack and Miri Make A Porno, premiering this October in theaters, starring Seth Rogen (Knocked Up).  Sheesh, I don’t know which is better or worse, the idea of Seth Rogen and porn or Affleck in another Kevin Smith film. 

That said, Zack and Miri have picked up some nice buzz with a controversial movie poster campaign, getting an initial rating of NC-17, and the trailer looks promising.  I am pulling for him, but I don’t know if this film is enough to save Kevin Smith’s filmmaking career/street cred.  But I give him kudos for tapping Judd Apatow’s golden boy, who looks like he has delivered another stellar performance.  And his co-star Elizabeth Banks (“Scrubs”) is adorable, and helps the formula by fulfilling  the pretty blond love-interest Katherine Heigl/Knocked Up profile. 

Below is the trailer, and following that is a clip from Chasing Amy (a reminder of how bad of an actor Ben Affleck is)…


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    Kathryn said,

    HOW DARE YOU!!! i love chasing amy in all of its awkward and painfulness and I will do you one further I love Kevin Smith and I would go to the theater and watch two hours of him picking his nose on the big screen and demand he win an Oscar for best actor in a film. I say good day to you!

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