Seeking: Amusement park fanatic with lots of cash

ASTROLAND: Well, I should probably hang up now, I have Thor Equities bugging me on my call waiting.

ADORING FANS: No, Astroland, please, please don’t hang up, not yet!

ASTROLAND: Ok, ok…just kidding, I’ll stick around some more and only hang up after you hang up.

ADORING FANS: But we don’t want to hang up.  You’ll have to hang up first.

ASTROLAND: No, you hang up first.

ADORING FANS: Noooooooooooo, we refuse!

ASTROLAND: Yaaayyyy!! I refuse too!!

TELEPHONE OPERATOR: Excuse me, I have to break this call at the insistence of Astroland’s mommy.  So both parties need to hang up, right now!

ASTROLAND: Ah, shucks, ok…goodbye everyone, thanks for all the mem–*click*

ADORING FANS: Boo ho–*click* 

After what felt like the longest goodbye in make-way-for-future-development history, Coney Island’s beloved Astroland sadly closed up shop last nightThe summer amusement park destination for local Brooklynites, as well as fellow New Yorkers with Brooklyn envy, and tourists alike, Astroland housed many quintessential carnival rides including the Scrambler, the Tilt-A-Whirl and the spooky attraction, Dante’s Inferno.

Well, they may have slammed the gates  (watch your toes!), but guess what?  Now you can OWN a little piece of Astroland as many of the former rides are now for sale.  Going for the pirate theme in your apartment and could use a massive pendulum Pirate Ship ride?  Then you might want to take that extra $99,000 you have tucked away in your mattress and cruise the Coney Island Astroland liquidation sale.  Or want to pretend your backyard is Disneyland (uh…no offense, Coney, it’s just well…), then maybe the Tea Cup ride is for you–it’s a bargain compared to the Pirate Ship, only $39,000!

And good news for those of you not quite ready to say goodbye to all the Coney Island attractions (we know who we are), allegedly the historical Wonder Wheel and even extra historical Cyclone Roller Coaster are staying put.


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