About that little swarm in Denver–did anyone remember to invite the Carringtons?

 You know that moment in Wayne’s World when Wayne and Garth are in front of the green screen at their new ritzy TV studio and they are demonstrating how they can be “whisked away” to NYC, Hawaii, Texas and…Delaware…”Hi, I’m in Delaware.” Yeah, that’s kind of how it feels with the whole DNC convention in Denver. “Hi…we are all in…Denver.” No offense to Denverans/Denverites(?), I’m sure it is lovely there.  But with all the money, media, power and persuasion, it seems to be missing something

Nonetheless, we all know what put Denver on the map.  No, it wasn’t some sports team with a blinding color scheme or the U.S. mint, or any of the other numerous points of interest that call the Mile-High City home. 

It was a little nighttime soap opera of the 80s called “Dynasty.” The award-winning series that launched a bunch of TV careers, single-handedly created the off-the-shoulder cocktail dress craze (so I’ve been told) and catapulted Denver and its booming western business economy to the forefront of pop culture.  That said, I really hope someone thought to invite the Carringtons—-especially Alexis and Krystle to bring on the glamour—-

Wait, THAT’S IT, that’s what has been missing—-freaking GLAMOUR!  

Phew, I am so glad we solved that!  AND we know exactly who to dispatch. If there is anyone out there who needs to show them how it’s done in Denver, it’s those two! 

Now I can’t help but include a spectacular clip (of course) featuring the two beautiful ladies of 80s primetime in a kitty fight to end all kitty fights, with lots of tumbling around a fashion studio.  Hint: glitter and mannequin arms quickly become ammo. They simply just don’t write ’em like this anymore, dah-ling!

(And following is a clip of the “Dynasty” opening, showcasing the breathtaking landscape/city skyline of Denver…you know, so that this post can seem somewhat relevant).

Alexis (in tangerine) v. Krystle (in pink passion)… 

“Dynasty” opening credits (season 2)…


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