I have a stalker, and it has two names: Crate & Barrel

 No, I don’t want to hear about a new coffee table that has the “alphabet” plastered all over it.  Big deal, so you have “convertible desks,” who doesn’t?  And enough with the “best buys at the farmers market”. 

“Can you freshen my drink,” well of course you ca–wait, wait!  Nice try sneaking that one in.  You almost tricked me.  Your operatives are good, they found my weakness…well, one of them anyway.

Crate & Barrel, listen up: I need you to STOP with the harassing emails.  I get it, you have lots of fantastic stuff and you want me to come by and spend money.  Um, that’s kind of how this whole consumer/retail thing works, usually, so I don’t need constant emails reminding me of this.  And I’m so annoyed by your weekly catalogs that litter all my good junk mail that they have been demoted from bathroom reading material to straight to the recycling bin! 

I know what you are going to say, but I’ve already kindly asked to be removed from the list serve, but voila, you keep creeping back!

So,  C & B marketing kids take note…chill out!  Puh-leez take a vacation, update the damn list serve (remember to press “save” this time), go shopping…do something/anything to keep from bombarding innocent people with your pretty propaganda.



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    Kathryn said,

    You created the monster I am not sure how you expect to break up with a huge powerful company and if you are not careful it is going to send daddy out to find you.

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