Forgetting how many houses one owns? It happens to me ALL the time…

 As you know, THE BLOG doesn’t dabble much into politics because there are much better qualified (definitely not smarter, just more obsessed) kids out there who do that kind of thing, so I’ll leave it up to them.  That said, we are going to address something that was recently reported: that Presidential candidate John McCain can’t remember how many houses he owns.  When I read that, I wasn’t like, “Whoa, do we want someone in the White House who might forget that he lives in the White House?” No, of course not, instead I was thinking, “Omigod, that happens to me all the time!”  When one owns lots of houses, and you have all these keys jingling at the bottom of your designer handbag, it can be so overwhelming.  So, I just want Mr. McCain to know that I know EXACTLY how he feels, and that to buck up and not worry so much.  As long as the pilot and chauffeur know how to get there that’s all that matters.


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