As they say, two heads are better than one…

Turtle power!

Turtle power!

Hey everyone!  Ok…so let’s get announcements out of the way first: Listicle Lunes is going bye-bye.  Don’t panic, like every other blogger/news source out there, I will still rely heavily on the listicle.  I just didn’t want to be tied down to the Monday-only formula.  So, those of you quietly cheering, you suck.  Those of you dabbing your eyes, you are still my friend. 

Now that I’ve made you wait on the explanation of the above photo, here it is: a two-headed turtle, found in Florida, recently migrated his way toward what must be his natural habitat–Brooklyn!  Seriously, though, he is shacking up at an animal rescue store, bringing the owner much publicity and fanfare. 

When I first caught glimpse of the image of the two-headed reptile, I must admit, I didn’t cringe.  Either I have become extremely jaded (very likely) from watching all those painfully cliche  Sci-Fi channel shows or sub-consciously I am convincing myself it’s not all that weird because there are actually two turtles hanging out in one shell.  Then my mind began to wander (danger! danger!), and I started to think of animals that would really be freaky with two-heads.  For starters: a two-headed cow.  What about a two-headed rabbit?  Could you imagine, four of those massive ears flopping around?  Think about it: a two-headed tarantula.  Omigod, I don’t want to…man, I have Now.

……..two-headed sloth!


…..two-headed stingray!!…….

…..two-headed killer whale!!!!!!!

Ok, ok, I’m done.

I think

…yeah, I’m done.  I’m walking away before it get’s too brutual here.

UPDATE: Someone call Ace Venture pronto–our two-headed friend has been stolen!


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    lulu said,

    that is so men what are they saying to the poor little turtle!!!!!!!=I

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