Those are going to be some major legendary designer sandals to fill

The original cool kids

The original cool kids

vs. the wannabes

vs. the wannabes

Less than three weeks away is the second coming of “Beverly Hills, 90210″……….yay or nay?  I’ve changed my mind about this about as many times as Brenda Walsh changed her hairstyle.  Of course I would love to have the greatest teen drama series ever to exist come back and remind everyone that they set the bar, but let’s face it, it’s not going to be the magical sparkling gem that it was during the 90s. Which means: it will probably suck. 

Yes, they are bringing back Brenda and Kelly, but c’mon, as grown-ups??  Noooooo, nevvveerrrrr!!!!  I just think some masterpieces should not be messed with. 

And the promo for the new series, which has been whittled down to “90210” (easier for texting, I imagine) alludes that they are revisiting the fish-out-of-water/LA transplants story arc AGAIN.  Granted, I’m assessing this from a 3 second clip within a 1 minute promo, but still…why couldn’t they just come up with something a bit more original….like a post-apocalyptic 90210, or the whole gang couldn’t live without each other so they moved to a commune somewhere, or they all married each and became obnoxious LA mom-agers and dad-agers, which would most likely be the case.

Anyway, let me sip away at my 2 PM cocktail and ponder this a bit more…in the meantime, I have a special treat for you all ’cause its Friday.  Below is a promo for the new 90210 show, but even better than that–following is not one BUT two intros for the original Bev Hills (1st season, and then revamped for seasons 2 & 3)….one little observation: they just don’t take the time with show intros anymore…you’ll see what I mean.   

“90210” Promo…

“Beverly Hills, 90210” Season 1 Intro…

“Beverly Hills, 90210” revamped intro, Season 2+…


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