Contestants, get your—hey, hey pay attention! Stop with the paw licking and get your buzzer ready, bonus round is comin’ up

 Here’s the pitch: people and their cats, working together to win money, via trivia questions about cats and interactive challenges with cats…yes, you read that right.   GSN (Game Show Network) announced that in November they will premiere “The Meow Mix Game Show,” hosted by game show legend Chuck Woolery.

Ok, I get it, it’s a highly competitive market…bad economy…TV is suffering.  So the kids at GSN came up with: a compelling shtick (live cats) + product placement (Meow Mix) + proven successful format (game show) = ratings bonanza! paid bills! stable economy!

That’s all fine and dandy…

…however, I’m just wondering if any of the folks responsible for green-lighting this little project has ever owned a cat.  Or been around a cat.  ‘Cause the ones that I know would not be having ANY of this.  Newsflash: cats do whatever the hell they want to do, whenever.  This is why cats are rarely represented in films.  They take direction from no one. 

So, uh, yeah, GSN, good luck with that…and Meow Mix, you sly devils you, nice work! ;-)


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  1. 1

    Kat Lady 1000 said,

    Dear Blogger,

    I am assuming you are not a cat owner? I myself have an army of cats that do what I want of them. I wish you would leave your cat hating, dog loving views off your website, it makes us enthusiastic feline owners unhappy.

  2. 2

    catsworking said,

    No, this post is right on the money. The show was mostly about the humans anyway. The cats got to participate in one live competition, then 5 of the 8 were immediately eliminated because they didn’t dash toward an opened container of Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness.

    To top it off those poor cats “won” a year’s supply of the same chow they had no use for. If they wouldn’t eat it to help their owners win $1 million, it’s unlikely they’ll be wolfing it down back home.

    For the rest of the show, the cats sat in their owners’ laps doing nothing.

    Oh, until Quinn got to wander toward a bag of Meow Mix at the end.

  3. 3

    lizarrasmith said,

    That is too funny!! Thanks for the update :)

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