Despite excruciatingly painful medical situations, New Yorkers refuse to put down the Crackberry

Recent AOL Mail research reveals that New Yorkers are fanatical about checking their emails—more than anyone else in the U.S. of A.  The stats: one in six New Yorkers check their email as soon they wake up [insert inappropriate joke here]; 61% in the bathroom [insert immature joke here] and 60% in a restaurant [uh, yeah, nevermind–funny or offensive? not so much]. 

The excellent reporters at the NY Daily News took to the littered streets of NYC to see if they could find some zany crackberry-heads, and oh, did they hit jackpot with one in particular:

“I was getting taken in for appendicitis and I checked my e-mail in the back of the ambulance.”


Yes, well…

I think if that was me, I would’ve been using that little device as a weapon (hey, it worked for Naomi Campbell) to demand more painkillers.  I’m just saying.


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