The economy is in the dump, it is hurricane season, and Miley Cyrus continues to be annoying—BUT who cares, ‘cause August is “Admit You’re Happy Month”

 Forget the biggie holidays, I’m all about the little ones that no one has ever heard of, or celebrates…or been proven to be truly legit.  Thanks to my pals at, they’ve rounded up a couple of dedicated staffers to research and write-up every holiday ever.  You know, the ones that marketers, public relation specialists, non-profits, city officials, and people with lots of time on their hands have created to promote consumerism and awareness (here is a tiny sampling): 


·         Squirrel Appreciation Day (1/21)

·         Fortune Cookie Day (9/13)

·         Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (3/20)

·         Nude Recreation Week (July)


…And then there is August (which is in a couple of days by the way), “Admit You’re Happy Month.”


I’m totally cool with spreading some holiday cheer, and the excessive spending and feel goodness. 

But here’s the thing…what is with the “admit” part? 

Doesn’t it seem…hmmm…a bit on the threatening side?  I can’t help but picture an agressive smiley face screaming at me:

“Admit it, you scoundrel, you’re HAPPY!  Don’t look away when I’m talking to you, I want to hear HAPPY and I want to hear it NOW!!”

(Me, cowering in a corner): “Alright, enough, stop poking me, that knife is sharp…and hot.  Yes, I’m HAPPY!  I’m clam-happy!!  There, you got what you want, so just happily buzz off already!”

Wow.  Now that I think about it, that kind of gives me the chills.  And makes me look forward to September—National Courtesy Month.  And by the way, who would create such a sinister-looking smiley face?  The Internets is full of crazies.

Anyways….Happy Admit You’re Happy!!!…or ELSE!!!


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