Swede-ed is awesome-ed

Man, how I love the Internet.  It provides hours and hours of cultural fun and helps connect those of us with lots of time on our hands. 

One particular attraction currently found on YouTube is a phenomenon called “Sweded.”  In a nutshell, it originates from the 2008 Jack Black film, “Be Kind, Rewind,” and refers to a film being erased and then recreated, unedited with single scenes derived from the movie. The tapes are described as having come from Sweden as an excuse for higher rental fees and longer wait times.  If you want a more thorough explanation then watch the damn movie.  Oh, and if you are a fan of “Strange Brew,” well, they do something kind of similar at the beginning.


THE BLOGGER, along with an esteemed panel of judges watched a bunch of them last night and came up with our top three favorites.  But before we show them to you, let’s meet the panel:

Taffy McDaniels–Taffy hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, where she works part-time at a French fast-food restaurant. Her prior judging experience includes: The Little Miss Little Rock Pageant and The Clinton Library Hot Librarian wet t-shirt contest.

Wonder Aye-Aye–This future superhero (see yesterday’s Listicle Lunes) is from Madagascar, where she interns as a security guard at the local tourism office.  Her prior judging experience includes: The 2nd Annual Madagascar Animated Film Festival.

 Grimace–the former fast-food mega-chain restaurant spokesperson broke his contract in the mid-90s to take on Hollywood.  Rejected at every turn (Barney had pretty much cornered the “big and purple” market), Grimace now tours with his ska band, Eat This.  Prior judging experience includes: the annual Ronald McDonald Look-a-Like contest in Des Moines, Iowa.

 Roger Jones–from Omaha, Roger was selected via state-of-the-art risk assessment software as the most median man in America.  He is a middle-manager, drives a Ford and likes to do crossword puzzles.  He has no prior judging experience, but is expected to provide objective and carefully considered input.

Paula Abdul–the exceptionally beautiful and enormously talented singer/dancer/choregrapher is from the Los Angeles area and was a Laker Girl.  She was formerly married to Emilio Estevez, who is the brother of Charlie Sheen, who is in the middle of divorcing Denise Richards.  Previous judging experience includes making dreams come true at national cheerleading camps and…oh, yeah, some singing talent show thing.

Ok, now on to the three finalists, in random order:





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