Mad Men, Everyone is Buying It!

HECK YEAH!  On July 27, the “it” show of the summer will be back for its second season (on AMC, and I can hardly wait.  The first season was smoking (literally) with top-notch writing, acting and art-direction.  And it delivered one of the most poignant and thrilling images I’ve ever seen on TV!  See below…you go girl!

Betty Draper (beautifully portrayed by January Jones) takes matters into her own hands.  In a silk nightgown, no less.  I was really hoping to have this clip for you all to enjoy, but sadly because the glorious scene (from episode 8, “Shoot”) has a song playing in the background, “My Special Angel” (Bobby Helms, 1957) it is rights-protected from the big bad Internets and all the scoundrels that use it (bravo, Matt Weiner).

But since I don’t like to leave the party empty-handed, here is a mouth-watering, flesh-tingling promo to get you consumers revved for the upcoming season, RAWRR!


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