The WALL-E message no one seems to be addressing

   No longer able to resist those massive robot eyes, I went to see WALL-E this weekend.  Of course, it’s also been hard to ignore the talking heads and feverish bloggers whom have given their two cents on the film’s alleged message(s) (see: The New York Times, Slate, Wired, io9  just to name a few).  So now, I too must make a note of something…a crucial issue that came across loud and clear in the Disney/Pixar summer blockbuster hit: that it is “pro-cockroach.”

Ok, we get it.  End of the world (kind of) and ta-da, the cockroach(s) lives!  But why does he have to be WALL-E’s buddy, side-kick, confidante?  Can’t he just have his one close-up, perched victorious on top of a mountain of rubble, and call it a day? 

The animators even went as far as to make him look “cute” and “likeable.”  I certainly don’t need Disney et al to push their blatant, cockroach-loving propaganda on me.  It’s bad enough that I have to see the nasty little pests occasionally on the streets and subway tracks of NYC, and they DEFINITELY don’t look cute or BFF-worthy. 


Anyway, I just wanted the filmmakers to know that at least one, critically-thinking bug-hater is on to them…




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